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I hate you, just wanted to let you know. [Sunday
The world sucks, and sometimes it makes me cry and want to die.

Why dont you just make a sign to a homicidal hitter saying, " Shoot Me Between The Eyes? "
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Take off your shoe. [Saturday
[ mood | horny ]

I have a sock fetish. I just sniffed my brother's sock. Ohh, he is so hot. <3

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Freedom to be Racist. [Friday
[ mood | Racially hating. ]

I will hate anyone I want regardless of what you think is wrong.

If I hate black people, then I will hate the majority of the black people.

If I hate Asians, I will hate their chinky eyes.

If I hate Mexicans, then I will hate their tacos too.

If I hate White people, I will hate their arrogance.. and their pubic hair.

What do I have to justify my hatred?


So if I make some kinda stupid remark to you being an eggroll or taco, then suck it up and blow it out of your ass. It's not your fault you are that race. I just naturally hate it.

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